Sunday, November 16, 2008


Is it so bad to speculate what it may be like to be unemployed? What is the future of unemployment? Even though you think job security is tight at your place of work. Well, look at the national average for unemployment. Okay, it doesn't look good: the national average for unemployment in October is 6.5%. And when the figures come out for November, it will be even more grim. When people give advice about saving, do they include watching where your job is in the scheme of things? How does it look for a worker at Chrysler right now? Rest assured that if you see a dark cloud heading your way, best bet is to get out of the way.

DO THE MATH WITH IT COMES TO UNEMPLOYMENT: the Bureau of Labor Statistics may help.

Bureau of Labor Statistics can help you see how we are doing nationally. 1.2 million jobs lost in the last ten months. Grim news indeed! And you will here that a lot "Grim." But before you bury your head camel-like in sand. Think about this means. It might make you think about your own state. Look at Florida in September. 6.6%! How does that make you feel? One of those states with unemployment rate higher then the national average. Mmmmm, Time to find a better place to live? It might be a option considering you may have to survive.


Some believe this may be Depression rather than a recession. The semantic differences are nothing really. Use either word, and it will spell U-N-E-M-P-L-O-Y-E-D. Are you willing to leave a place you grew up or a nice home with kids to find a place that is actually hiring? If you are willing to move, think of where you might go. Family in Wyoming? Right now the State of Wyoming is at 3.3% unemployment. Even if you didn't have family here think of it as an alternative to . . .well nothing.


The true picture of unemployment should never be in front of you like a Hamlet's ghostly father. It may look daunting but consider it a sign post. A warning. The future for you can be read ahead. Make preparations-instead of fretting. Look at all alternatives. Should you move to a better work climate? Can you? These are small but important little things to think about when you get your unfriendly pink slip. I hope to give some friendly advice about life after work. Unemployment and unemployment compensation are two topics i will discuss next time. Until then, Take Care.

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